Silicone Scrubber Gloves Reviews

If you don’t mind doing the dishes by hand like I don’t, you probably love these scrubber gloves. I don’t like to run the dishwasher every day, especially when there are only a few plates and bowls that need to be washed.

I used to leave dirty dishes in the machine for several days to make a full load to be washed, but they got dry in there and finally they weren’t washed thoroughly. I found stains left in some plates.

So, if you are looking for a tool that helps you do the dishes and clean other things more quickly and effectively, these reviews can help you decide if you would like to try these gloves or not.

Product: Silicone scrubber gloves

Owner: Amazon.com

My rating: 4.5 out of 5

General rating can be lower than mine.


  • The scrubbers on the palms and fingers function as a cleaning tool.
  • These scrubbers create foams when you put some soap on.
  • Can definitely be used in hot or supper cold water without hurting your hands.

Who Are These Gloves For?

  • People who don’t have a lot of dishes to wash at a time and don’t mind washing them by hand.
  • Anyone who don’t want to directly contact with chemicals when cleaning things.
  • Cleaning workers who want to do their work efficiently. People doing the dishes as their job requirement.
  • Dog groomers who want to keep their hands dry.

What Are They Used For?

  • Washing the dishes.
  • Cleaning sinks.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Cars.
  • Washing pets
  • Wiping dust and pets’ hair from furniture.
  • Washing fruits and vegetables.

Their Advantages

  • Thick.
  • Durable.
  • Don’t carry bacteria.
  • Heat and cold temperature resistant.
  • Making the washing much faster than wearing gloves and using an additional cleaning scrubber. This is a two-in-one tool.
  • Don’t smell bad.
  • Easy to rinse off after they are used. It takes only a few seconds to rinse soap and crumbs thoroughly off the scrubbers.
  • The scrubbers are very soft, so they don’t scratch your pans and pots.
  • Get dry quickly.


These gloves come in only one size. If you have very tiny hands or extremely big hands, they don’t fit, so you don’t feel comfortable wearing them to wash or clean anything.

Silicone gets slippery when it is used in soap. These gloves are, too. However, with the scrubbers in the palm and fingers, they make the gloves become a little less slippery. You should be careful in order not to break your expensive and favorite things.

A few people think they don’t easily clean the curves and corners of the dishes. My experience is I can clean every angle easily.

Comparisons With Other Cleaning Tools

1. Sponges

Silicone scrubber gloves and silicone sponges are both anti-bacterial, become dry quickly and don’t leave bad smells. However, sponges don’t protect your hands from hot, cold water and chemicals. They also slower your work since you have to handle an additional tool to do the cleaning.

We can use sponges for showering. They are soft, so good for cleaning babies. Some people working in nursing homes find this tool useful.

A general rating from Amazon is 4 stars.

2. Foam sponges

These sponges keep moisture quite longer which can be a place for bacteria to develop. They are good for cleaning spills because the spills will be absorbed in the foam, but not safe for washing the dishes.

3. Hard scrubbing sponges

They are for cleaning walls or removing stiff stains from a hard surface like the floor, table, etc, but they will scratch other objects that we don’t want them to be ruined.

4. Plastic brushes

If you don’t want your pans and pots are scratched, I recommend you should not use them. They are also likely to hold bacteria and leave bad smells. Those brushes are fine for cleaning sinks, bathrooms and some other things.

5. Cloth should also be excluded from the list of tools for washing anything that is related to health because it has similar features to a foam sponge.

6. Silicone brushes

If you want to clean little tall glasses, bottles and vases but your hands are too big to clean the inside of them. Here is a silicone brush that helps you them deeply at the bottoms. The brush reaches the bottoms and clean the corners of those containers easily. It also doesn’t hold bacteria or odor and it won’t mold.

On Amazon, most people reviewed 5 stars for this brush as they are satisfied with the effectiveness of the cleaning. It makes their work eaier.

However, there were some opinions from buyers which stated they fit regular bottles and milk bottles for babies, but not very tiny bottles.


My conclusion for these reviews is that anything that can carry bacteria, takes long to get dry, leaves bad smells and can be a place for bacteria to develop should not be used to wash the dishes.

According to my experience and the knowledge I got from the research, silicone scrubber gloves can be used to clean many things safely, quickly and they protect your hands in several ways as well.

I hope my reviews are helpful for your searches. If you have any comments or you need a hand, feel free to let me know and I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading my reviews.



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