Silicone Scrubber Gloves – Clean Different Things Efficiently.

Have you ever heard about or used silicone scrubber gloves which are very popular among housewives recently? Whether you hate doing the cleaning or not, you still have to do the dishes every day and clean your own bathroom once in a while. Owning at least a pair of silicone scrubber gloves is really useful when it comes to cleaning some places in your house.

It is totally understandable if you have a tool which is very affordable and durable that can help you do different tasks efficiently. In this article, I am going to discuss the advantages of silicone scrubber gloves, how they work and what they are used for.

The Advantages Of Silicone Scrubber Gloves

  • These gloves are reusable. They last quite long. They are resilient, so they stretch and are compressed without being torn. Due to the resilient feature they have, one pair can fit most adults’ hands.
  • They are resistant to heat and cold conditions. Therefore, it is fine for us to wear them to contact with high or very low temperatures and they won’t be ruined like normal rubber gloves.
  • These gloves are also oil resistant. They are great for cleaning oily objects such as dishes, wheels, etc.
  • The scrubbers are incredibly soft, so they wash dirt or stains off without scratching/ destroying our things.
  • They are also especially designed for food safety so that we can use them for washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
  • Silicone is not rubber, so it is good for people who are allergic to rubber latex.
  • Protect your hands from directly contacting with dangerous chemicals.
  • One of the most noticeable about silicone scrubber gloves is that they are anti-bacterial. The scrubbers can be rinsed thoroughly after being used and that is another point that helps prevent bacteria from starting to develop in them like other kinds of scrubbers or brushes.
  • They save our time, water and soap.
  • They are less slippery because of the scrubber feature.

Silicone Scrubber Gloves Are Perfect For Dish Washing

Some of your kitchen utensils shouldn’t be washed in a dishwasher because the heat from the dish washer can destroy them. Also, If you want to save electricity by not running your dishwasher so often and you want to do the dishes traditionally, you may find silicone scrubber gloves are a perfect choice. Why?

  • Your hands will be safe from soap.
  • The scrubbers have the ability to produce a lot of foam from the soap.
  • They are a 2 in 1 cleaning tool because the scrubbers on the palm work like a brush that clean your dishes very well, so you don’t need an extra tool like a towel or a separate scrubber. They save your time, too because you don’t have to spend as much time washing it as washing a towel.
  • They don’t cause scratches to your cooking utensils. In this case, if you wash a coated baking or frying pan, its surface won’t be damaged.
  • After being rinsed with water, they don’t hold bacteria. They are completely clean and safe for our dishes when you use them over and over again.
  • In case, you want to turn a switch on when you are doing the dishes and your hands are wet, wearing these silicone gloves still keeps you safe since they are electrical insulating.

There is another type of silicone dish washing tool. That is a silicone sponge. It is also bacteria resistant, but the gloves are more convenient.

They Are Used To Wash Your Car Effectively

Sometimes you want to take your time to wash your car carefully and thoroughly at home, this kind of gloves will help you perform your job well. They can effectively clean the greasy parts of the car and every corner that is not easily washed by normal cleaning tools.

Cleaning Your Bathroom With Silicone Scrubber Gloves

Now that you have this amazing tool to clean your bathroom, your sink, your basin and any places in your house that you want to clean, it is likely that you won’t mind cleaning them often with this tool. I have seen my friends and myself enjoy this product. They make our jobs easier, save our time, so we do the cleaning more efficiently.

Wiping Dust and Hair Off Your Furniture

You may be surprised to know that silicone scrubber gloves can be used to wipe dust and unpleasant hairs off your couch. For example, if you have a dog or a cat pet, you have to vacuum your couch and carpets regularly, but vacuuming cost you because it consumes electricity. Now you want to clean them quickly and simply, you have a solution for that. Wearing your silicone scrubber gloves to wipe your furniture can give you a shocking result. What is that? You have collected a bunch of your pet hair.

Washing Fruits and Vegetables

They are incredibly soft and food grade designed. We can wear them to wash all dust particles off fruits and vegetables safely and effectively.

All What You Need For Cleaning Can Be These Gloves

Sometimes, finding a useful tool is not easy. It can be very time-consuming. The purpose of my article is to help people learn about this product to see whether it is something that they actually need to support their work.

To sum up, silicone scrubber gloves are proved to well perform the washing and cleaning of many things around your home. If you want to protect your hand skin from chemicals, you want to have a tool that just simply does a great job, you want to be comfortable when using that tool and more importantly it saves your time, then you might conclude that this is an awesome product. You can use them in very hot or very cold water. That won’t hurt your hands or damage the gloves.

I hope my article has given you some helpful information about one of the most useful cleaning tools, silicone scrubber gloves, which is still new to many people.

Thank you for reading about this and I hope you enjoy it. If you need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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  1. This is a great article for somebody like me who never really pays any attention to the gloves I’m buying.
    Truth to be told, I used to grab the first pair I see when shopping for gloves.
    Well, I don’t think that I’ll do that anymore.
    Now that I know how useful the silicone scrubber gloves actually are…
    They can even be used to wash a car? I didn’t have any idea about that either.
    Thanks for sharing, I’ll put all of your info into good use.

    • Dear Boby,
      You are very welcome. These gloves are used for washing many things and yes for washing cars as well. They are so soft, so they won’t scratch cars and wash them effectively.
      Thank you for stopping by and showing your interest in my article.
      Stay blessed.


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