Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush – Minimize Pore Sizes and Improve Your Skin Appearance

Having nice facial skin is one of the things many people want, and picking up a right facial cleansing device sometimes is tough. I wasted many years on different types of cleansers and was never pleased with what I was using until I tried some silicone facial cleansing brushes that work absolutely well. I can say they are kind of skin treatment.

If you are interested in learning about any silicone facial cleansing brush, here is some information about the device for you to refer and I hope it would help you pick the best facial cleansing brush that works great for your skin condition.

Silicone Facial Cleansing Brushes Are Antibacterial

One of the good sides of silicone products includes an antibacterial feature. A silicone facial cleansing brush will help prevention of pimples from growing on your face.

If you have oily skin and your pores are large, it easily catches dust in the air and the dirt gets stuck in your pores that gradually create pimples if the skin is not washed thoroughly. Beside exposing your skin to a dirty environment such as polluted air, working in a dusty place, smokes from vehicles, etc that give pimples/ acnes opportunities to develop, a bad facial cleansing device can also be a cause to your skin condition.

I would like to give you an example of how I used to clean my face before. I used to wash my face with my finger only (no cleaning device) because I thought I wouldn’t want to hurt my face with a brush and that the cleansing substance was strong enough to wash all the residues on my facial skin. However, you know it didn’t work that way and my face grew a lot of pimples.

Then, I tried a non-silicone brush machine. At first, my skin felt very clean and I was happy about that. Gradually, it scratched my face, so I had to stop.

The next time, I tried something different. I bought a silicone facial cleansing scrubber pad, and it started to shed some light on me. It didn’t clean my skin as deeply and thoroughly as I wanted it to do, but I noticed a little change to my skin. It felt smoother and it didn’t hurt my skin. I know that silicone pad is antibacterial, so there were no bacteria applied on my skin when I used it.

Since I was aware of one of the good sides of silicone products, I continued to search for a facial cleaning tool that works perfectly for my skin. Eventually, I found 3 kinds that I decided to get for myself and my family members. These are Foreo Luna, PMD Facial Cleansing brush, Ageloc Lumi Spa.

They are silicone facial cleansing brushes which are antibacterial and odor resistant. They use batteries to run but they are waterproof, so the brushes are totally safe to be used in the shower. After each time you use a silicone brush, just rinse it with water and let it get dry. It gets dry quickly and doesn’t create an environement for bacteria to grow in it.

Minimize Your Pore Size and Improve Your Facial Skin

These 3 silicone facial scrubbers have some same features – bacteria resistant, oder resistant, waterproof, very soft silicone heads, anti-aging massage features.

The benefits of using them are:

  • Pimples will be reduced gradually because the brushes clean your pores completely and NO bacteria held on silicone tools that can cause infection to the rest of the face to make more pimples.
  • Pores are minimized since they are clean.
  • Facial skin will become less oily due to smaller pores.
  • Blackheads will disappear when the skin is less oily and the pores are smaller.
  • The silicone brushes vibrate to massage your skin that leads to an improvement of skin health, helps reduce wrinkles and eliminate fine lines.
  • If you often wear make-up, these devices are great because they can remove make-up very effectively.
  • Bumps on your skin will be diminished, your skin will be smoothed, improve your skin texture.
  • The silicone heads are extremely soft, so they don’t scratch your skin like other device.

The Best Silicone Facial Scrubbers

I was researching, studying and have been using the above cleansers. I am confident to say that these silicone facial cleansing brushes won’t disappoint anyone who uses them. They are worth every penny. I have some opinions about each of the scrubbers I have mentioned in this article.

If you like vibration on your face very much and if you don’t have acnes, the PMD facial cleansing brush is perfect. You don’t have to replace the silicone head. It is the most affordable. It has 4 levels of vibration, so you can choose from low to high level. However, the strong vibration can make acnes unpleasant. I leave it to your decision to choose it or not.

The Foreo Luna cleansing brush is a little more pricey, but it is worth the money. There are 4 types of Foreo Luna: The purple one is for sensitive skin, the turquoise is for oily skin to clean clogged pores, the blue one is for combination skin and the pink color is for normal skin. It is easier to have this one with you when you go out or travel. The head also doesn’t have to be replaced. It is an awesome scrubber.

Ageloc Lumi Spa is a little different. It is rechargeable, so you don’t buy batteries. The scrubber goes with each type of skin cleansing gel. Let’s say, there are 5 types of cleansing gel: Normal skin, acne skin, sensitive skin, dry skin and oily skin. Therefore, it works well for each kind of facial skin, but you should replace the head about every 6 months if you think it is worn.

All of these cleansers should be used with cleansing gel and can be used twice a day.

Love Your Cleanser, Love Your Skin

When you own the right facial cleansing brush, you would love to use it regularly to take care of your skin. There are so many kinds of cleansers, but you shouldn’t choose any type that will scratch your skin, won’t clean your skin thoroughly or allow bacteria to develop on the device. It is best to have a silicone facial cleansing brush.


I hope the article has helped you learn more about silicone facial cleansers and choose the best facial device that you love to use every day.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be very happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading my article.


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  1. Hi Mary,

    I really like the clean feel of your site. I love silicone too. I have some candy and cake pop made out of this material. It can be used for countless number of things. Reading this article makes me want to go out and get one for my face. 🙂 They are sooooo soft. —Best Wishes, Julie

    • Hi Julie,
      Thank you for visiting my site and reading about silicone facial cleaning brushes. They are amazing for improving our skin appearance. You would love it.

  2. I had no idea that silicone cleansing brushes were antibacterial, how interesting! I could definitely use some pore – minimizing action as well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here, cheers!

    • Hi Melyssa,
      A silicone brush would solve pore and rough skin problems so well. I hope you can choose one that works at its best.
      Thank you for visiting my site and I wish you best of luck.


  3. I’d never considered getting a silicone brush before reading your article! But, you’re so right, they would be really gentle, but effective to use on your face. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for writing about this topic!

    • Thanks Sienna for visiting my site and reading about these silicone facial cleansing brushes. They are amazing cleansers.

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