Lifelike Baby Dolls

All of us are very familiar with baby dolls, and perhaps we also know how lifelike baby dolls are like. Yet, silicone dolls are more special in the ways they look and behave pretty much like a real infant.

Today I would like to write about an interesting topic called Lifelike or reborn baby dolls made of silicone.

Back to the first time I saw this kind of girls’ favorite toy. Last year when I was attending Sunday Mass, a little girl sitting in a row in front of me holding a doll that looked lively distracted me. At first, I didn’t pay much attention, but later I heard it cry and that little girl got a bottle of milk out her bag to feed it.

I was so surprised to witness a doll crying and drinking milk. Wow, that is interesting to know about. I started to do searches and watch a lot of videos to learn about this. Now, I am glad to share my opinions with you about the topic.

Why Are Lifelike Baby Dolls Different?

There are some unique features built in the dolls that allow them to:

  • Sleep.
  • Cry.
  • Drink milk.

How are they made?

  • Hand-painted. Their skin, lips and nails are very carefully painted, their hair is very soft.
  • Made of a mixture between vinyl and silicone.
  • Very soft like a real infant.

Vinyl silicone lifelike baby dolls are also known as reborn baby dolls.

How to take care of them?

  • Change their clothes when you want to do so.
  • Wash their hair if it gets dirty (It is recommended you use non-toxic soap).
  • Change diapers.
  • Wipe the whole body from head to toes with soft wet cloth.

Who are they for?

  • Girls older than 3 years old (Due to small parts of the dolls, children under 3 might put parts in their mouth, which can cause accidents).
  • Women who lost a child or their child is already grown up.
  • Women and girls who like to collect dolls.

Are Lifelike Baby Dolls Good For Children?

In my opinion, the answer is yes. When a girl plays with her plastic normal doll, she doesn’t have to take care of it, she has nothing to do with that doll except playing with it. However, if a girl has a lifelike baby doll, she should give cares to it as if it was her little sister or brother.

It would be a fantastic idea if you let your girl have this kind of doll. What she has to do is she will learn how to do babysitting activities such as:

  • Comb and wash his/her hair.
  • Get him/her to bed to sleep. Tuck the baby doll in bed.
  • Change diapers.
  • Change clothes.
  • Feed the baby with milk.
  • Play with him/her.
  • Carry him/her in her arms.
  • Cleaning him/her.

The daily activities above not only train a girl how to babysit but also help her learn to be responsible. In addition, she might become aware of certain aspects about parenting. Even though she is still too young, but taking care of a reborn baby doll is very likely to give her some thoughts of how their parents are devoted to their children, how much they love their children and how hard they try to get the best for their kids.

What I am thinking is this is not a toy, it is like a model for education. A girl can become helpful to her parents if she has a little brother or sister because she already knows how to give some simple cares to a baby. In addition, it might also imply further meaning about love, cares and parenting. If so, do you think this kind of doll can make a great gift?

Nowadays, children don’t play traditional outdoor games to be active and healthy. Instead of letting little girls playing video games, and other high tech gadgets, which may result in hurting their vision and becoming inactive, we’d better give them a toy to help them benefit from learning how to use it. I see boys who play with vehicle toys usually get interested in exploring and learning about cars, trucks, etc, and know how to fix them efficiently when they grow up.

Reborn Baby Dolls Are Also Useful For Women

Now that your child is grown up and you miss that special time you first became a mother who loves to take care of your baby. You might want to look for something to do in your free time, you can just simply enjoy having a doll that requires certain attention like a person that can bring you back great memories about your invaluable time with your daughter or son in the past.

I saw a video about a woman who lost her child received a reborn baby doll as a gift. She missed her child very much, so that gift was considered as a replacement for what the woman lost and it made her feel emotional but happy. Therefore, sometimes it helps people just to have the thing which is similar to what we love to keep us happy enough.

If you have a hobby to collect dolls, you might be crazy about reborn ones because of their lifelike features and they look so lovely.

My Summary

It doesn’t matter whether a doll is suitable for a little girl or a woman. What matters is if the thing we own can make us feel better than not having it. In other words, if it suits one’s situation, then it is a good decision to have it. Also, this type of doll is useful for children since they definitely learn how to take care of someone by the daily activities I mentioned above although it is not a real person.

I hope this article can give you some knowledge about a special type of doll that might be new to you. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank you so much for reading my article and I hope you enjoy it.


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      1. I know the loss of a child can be heart wrenching, so I think that this life like baby dolls can really do the magic of distracting grieving mothers. 

        With the dolls they don’t get to sit around and mourn their loss. The lifelike baby dolls will need their attention when they cry and need feeding and also when go about bathing them, washing their hair and dressing them, they’d be too distracted to sit around and cry. 

        I think the lifelike baby dolls is a splendid innovation. 

        • Hi Peace, I agree with your opinion. 

          Thank you so much for reading my article about lifelike baby dolls.

      2. I don’t use to like dolls many years ago but I began to like it recently because I have found how helpful it is for our children and as well as engaging. A child can use dolls and learn how to take care of babies. A baby roll will be clearer to her as she baths the doll and changes her dresses and so on. I will love to get one for my little niece soon. 

        • Thanks Kenechi for reading my article. I am glad you find it helpful.

          All the best to you.

      3. Your post on Lifelike Baby Dolls is really worth reading. Silicon dolls as you claimed are better because they look and behave pretty much like a real infant.This i really agree with you from past articles i had read about silicon dolls. The main thing about whether a lady (either girl or woman) buys the doll is just on the case of if it would make her feel happier as compared to if she doesn’t have it. My own opinion is that if it will do more harm than good it should be avoided, but so far so good i am yet to see anyone who isn’t happy playing with dolls. Thanks so much for this post, it has really been educative and helpful.

        • Hi Dapoach,

          Baby  dolls should do good. They look so cute and some of them have adorable smiling faces that make you smile when you look at them like a real baby.

          Thank you for reading my article. 

          Wishing you all the best.

      4. Hi Mary 🙂 

        As I hear about the baby doll (in the old industry), the first thing comes to my mind is Britney Spears Song ” Barbie Girl” hihi. I didn’t watch the original music video, but I watch one video using the song “Barbie Girl” as the background music. It uses some plastic classic babydolls to illustrate the plot in the music as well. 

        Back then, the babydoll cannot do much action like the silicone babydoll you mention here. I find it’s interesting too 🙂 I wonder in the next few decades, what actions the silicone babydoll can do? (besides, crying, sleeping and drinking milk)

        Hmmm… Your article is interesting. The reborn babydoll gives more benefits to all little girls in their free time. 

        However, I find you miss one point. This reborn babydoll is not only good for women who lost their children. In Japan, they also boost it into the next level. Japanese companies can make some real silicone babydoll in the adult size… but this silicon babydoll has a different function. Well….sorry for distraction… 

        Thank you for sharing. 

        • Hi Gnekoda,

          Your comment reminded me of the time I was crazy about Britney Spears’ songs. In that song “Barbie Girl” means something different :). I also have heard a lot about the Japanese who make another kind of dolls, but I am not planning to research and write about that kind :). Silicone infants are just cute.

          Yes, in the next few decades, we are likely to see much more improved baby dolls, I believe.

          Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad you find the article interesting.

          Wishing you all the best.

      5. Wow. I’m really surprised reading the silicone doll. I have not seen a doll with those features. This is really new to me and I’m sure my baby girl will be glad to be in possession of this doll and I’m sure it will be new to everyone in the house. Thanks for taking your time to share this article. I will even rebroadcast this so people can get to see what they haven’t seen.

        • Hi, 

          I’m glad you like the information. I will be happy to help if you more. 

          Thank you so much for reading my article. 

          All the best to you.

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