Cracked Heels Treatment

Cracked Heels Treatment, the title of this article sounds very different from the previous articles of my website. Yet, the content is certainly related to the site.

I am going to present 2 kinds of treatment for dry and cracked heels because they can go together better.

Serious cracked heels are painful and bleeding. Anyone who suffers from that foot issue can feel worse in the cold weather. What do people do to have their dry and cracked heels treated? If they care, they will search and try any treatment methods that they hope can help, but sometimes they get no lucks. Also, healing doesn’t take place in a day or two. So, patience is important.

What Causes Cracked Heels?

This problem can be caused by many things, but I will list the most popular causes below.

  • Lack of taking care of your heels and let them become dry constantly, the skin will be less elastic, thickened then that is very likely to lead to cracking.
  • Standing for a long period is another cause. When we stand, we put our whole body weight on our feet, then the sides of the feet become flatter and the skin expand sideways. It will then get dry and need moisture to remain elasticity. If not moist enough, it will be stiff and cracked after a while. In this case, it is related to obesity because the more weight we put on our feet, the faster expansion the skin on the sides gets.
  • Diabetes is among the reasons for this feet problem since uncontrolled blood sugars can cause damages to feet’s nerves and lead to dry skin.
  • Wearing too tight shoes that squeeze your feet.
  • Dry air, especially in cold countries.
  • Unhealthy diets.

How To Take Care Of Heels

  • Keep them clean and moist.
  • Gently remove dry kin with a foot scrubber when you shower.
  • Apply foot lotion or oil on the heel part.
  • When you notice any sign of cracks, take actions immediately.

Easy Treatment Methods

I did research and found a kind of gel protector made of silicone that you wear around your heels to protect them from getting too dry. These silicone pads have holes to let your feet breathe while they keep moisture on your heels and soles to make them softer. The manufacturer advises users to wear them an hour every day and wear them consecutively to have good results.

Some people apply foot treatment oil or lotion under the treatment pads in order to have the best outcome. If you like, you can try that way to see what works best for you. I am not saying these silicone gel protectors are the best solutions because you might find anything that you don’t like about them. For example, your feet can be sweaty although the product is breathable or it is slippery due to silicone material and you find it hard to keep the pads stay still that make you feel uncomfortable when walking. You might like them since they work and your feet feel nice and comfortable being wrapped in them.

I think if they are worn when you are sleeping, everything should be fine.

In case, you don’t like these protectors, I would recommend a few types of lotion which are made to especially treat soles and heels that are too dry and cracked. I know quite a lot of people in the USA using this foot lotion are happy about the results. I bought them to give my friends as a gift when I visited my home country, Vietnam, last year. They live in a tropical country, but they have serious cracked heels. Not any products there could help them until they started to use my gift and they were happy to tell me it really works. Well, I was extremely happy to hear about that, too.

You can use home remedies to cure them. Here are traditional treatments for painful cracked heels. FolIowing, I am going to list the easiest ways of treatment

  • Vegetable oil: Before going to bed, wash and dry your feet, apply vegetable oil on the cracked parts and cover your feet with a thick pair of sock to keep your feet moist and soft, and wash it off in the morning.
  • Vaseline and lemon juice: Soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes, dry them, rub the mixture of Vaseline and lemon juice over the dry parts thoroughly until it absorbs in the skin. Cover with thick socks and leave them on overnight, then wash the mixture off in the morning.
  • Extra virgin olive oil: Apply olive oil and massage your heels for about 15 minutes to allow the oil to absorb completely in the dry parts. Wear thick socks to cover them for an hour and wash off.
  • Sesame oil: Follow the same process as olive oil.

The silicone gel heel treatment protector can be used when you are at work and in the day time or when you sleep. The lotions and home remedies are used before you go to bed. If you use lotion, you also should cover your feet with a thick pair of socks to increase the effectiveness of the lotion.

Cracked heels are so bothering. They are uncomfortable, unsightly, bleeding and painful as well. One having this issue should keep their feet away from dust. I mean, in the summer they might want to enjoy doing the gardening and being in the sunshine, they let their feet expose in the open air but if any sand or dust gets into the cracks, they would feel annoyed. The same thing can happen to people who enjoy walking along the beach. Therefore, it is important to have them healed as soon as possible.

In short, all the treatments mentioned above are simple for everyone to have their heels treated by themselves, they are effective and not very costly. You just pick one that is most convenient for you.

I hope this post gives you useful information about how to cure cracked heels.

Thank you for reading my article. If you need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below so that I will help you out.





  1. Hi Mary, thank you for this very informative article about cracked heels.
    I live in a very cold environment, so most of winter times, i always wear socks. So, when spring or summer time comes, my issue all the time is having my heels cracked.
    Thank you for giving those recommendations for treating them.
    I also realize, from now on, i have to rub some oil (like vegetable oil, or even vaseline with lemon) on my heels before i put on my socks.
    All the best!

    • Hi Hanna,
      Thank you for visiting my site again. I hope your heels will be healed soon after you use my recommended treatments.
      I am looking forward to helping you more.


  2. I have a friend that could really benefit from this, she suffers from bad dry, cracked skin on her heals. It’s gotten to the point at times where she can hardly walk. Those silicone protector pads, combined with lotion sound like the perfect thing for her. Thanks so much!

    • Thank Mallory for reading my article. I hope your friend will have her heals cured soon.

      Have a great day.

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