Auto Silicone Hoses

There are some products which can’t work if they are not made out of silicone. I wouldn’t know anything about automotive silicone hoses if I didn’t work with my husband to fix our car. One of his hobbies is working on vehicles, so he knows a lot about car, truck and military jeep parts. When I watch him fix a vehicle and help him with some very easy odd jobs, he teaches me how the parts work and what they are made of.

Since I’m fond of some silicone items I have been using and know their advantages, I was eager to learn about auto silicone hoses. I find silicone an important material for certain car parts, so I have decided to write about what I know about good and bad quality hoses.

Heat Resistance

Every material has its own strongest characteristics, the feature of silicone is repeated in this article to remind you that when an object comes to a connection with heat, silicone is a right fit to make it work and last longer. Weak materials just cause problems and metal is not always useful.

Performance hoses made of silicone won’t melt, crack or deform because they are resistant to heat and can handle a lot of pressure, not like metal or rubber. These hoses are combined of several layers of silicone and high tear strength polyester fabric that keep them from cracking since these 2 materials can withstand minus 40 Celsius degrees (-40 Fahrenheit degrees) to a peak of 220 Celsius (428 Fahrenheit). Therefore, we are not afraid they will break and leak. It is advisable we should replace the factory rubber hoses of our vehicle with silicone ones.

Silicone hoses are flexible, you can bend them any way you want, and they are durable as well.

Not All Silicone Hoses and Tubes Are Good Of Quality

This is the most important part. When having a quick look at performance and tubing hoses which are made out of silicone, we can’t tell immediately which one is good. Not all of them have the same quality. So, how to choose the best ones and by what manufacturers they are made is crucial. Here are tips for evaluating the quality of silicone hoses.

So far, I have learned that if a hose has a rough surface design, it is not a good quality product. The other type that has bumps can be well-made, but it can be difficult for you to slide clams in. Then, what should you choose? Experts suggest that we pick a silicone hose or a tube with and without the following features.

  • Very flexible when being bent. If it leaves a kink in the middle when you bend the tube far, then that piece is not a perfect option.
  • Some products are made out of less silicone and inexpensive material, so they smell strongly while real silicone should not smell terribly. When a manufacturer uses wrong materials to make automotive hoses, the fabric liners are quite thin, they will affect burst pressure and swell that lead to breakage. That is poor quality.
  • There need to be 4 enforcement liners of polyester fabric, so 1, 2 or liners in a hose are not recommended. Sometimes people even sell these hoses without any lining. Those are considered very weak.
  • If you bend it all the way tightly and won’t make a kink, you are advised to get that one.
  • This part shouldn’t be too hard or too soft.
  • The outer surface of a hose is better to be smooth so that you can insert clams more easily.
  • Experts also advise buyers to look closely at the inner surface to check if it is smooth or rough. Well molded silicone hoses are smooth.
  • If not a good quality silicone hose, it won’t do anything better than a rubber one.
  • When a silicone product is well molded, its color will be bold instead of being pale.
  • This one is acceptable. It has 3 liners, but not very shiny.

The Best Auto Silicone Hoses

You may say “All of them sound like bad products, how can I get a right hose?”

Well, here are suggestions from experts:

  • They have to be smooth and shinny from the outside to the inside.
  • The color mustn’t be pale or faded, it should look strong and beautiful and shiny.
  • There must be 4 reinforcement fabric liners which are even. They are not too thin and can’t be peeled off.
  • They are flexible when being bent, but should not be too soft.
  • Strong smell is NOT supposed to come out.

All in all, this is some knowledge about how to choose the most suitable item to support your vehicle if you are new to this type of product and I hope to help you save your money from buying junks that won’t work, but waste your money and time assembling them in your car.

A lot of companies advertise their hoses as high quality, but buyers usually become disappointed after they receive the products. In order to assist you look for what you need more quickly and effectively. I include the best places you can purchase from. It is not a good idea to buy this kind of car part that doesn’t have the logo of a company or their brand name.

Following are manufacturers recommended by people that you can refer to: Some companies may offer a lifetime warranty.

  • Blackworks.
  • Venair.
  • Mishimoto.
  • Samco Sport.

When I looked closely, Blackworks’ products have great features of auto silicone hoses that cars need. You can easily find them on Amazon.

According to my research, Samco Sport make great silicone performance hoses as well.

Mishimoto have fine products. Perhaps, not the best ones.

However, I haven’t found anything great from Venair.

I hope this piece of information is helpful for anyone who is looking for a right item for their vehicle.

Thank you so much for reading my article. I’m looking forward to hearing from your experiences about auto silicone hoses and your opinions about them. If you have any comments to share with other people, please feel free to leave them below.





    • Hi Tyler,
      I am glad I can help. Thanks for reading about my article of auto silicone hoses.
      Best wishes

  1. I had no idea this was so important. I thought a hose was just a hose, but from the information in your article I can see that this is definitely not the case. I know what I’ll be looking for now when I go to purchase one, thank you!

    • Hi Mallory.
      I am glad this info can help you find good auto silicone hoses. Thank you for visiting my site and enjoy the article. I am willing to help you more, so feel free to ask when you need a hand.
      I wish you all the best.

  2. I like your introduction to silicone hoses. I’ll sure know what to look into to find a high-quality product. You have mentioned Blackworks, Venair, Mishimoto, and Samco Sport. I would like to know more details. Can you make reviews?

    • Hi Ivan,
      I will write a seperate review post about auto silicone hoses. I briefly say Blackworks and Samco Sport have very good quality ones in case you need them urgently. Thank you for reading my article and asking for reviews.
      All the best to you.

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