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Hi everyone and welcome to The Silicone Power website. Silicone products have become my interest since I first used silicone scrubber gloves to wash the dishes, then baking tools and food storage bags. Very shortly later I started to use a silicon facial scrubber machine to take care of my skin that I immediately fell in love with.

As a busy woman who loves cooking, taking care of my kitchen and my skin, I always looked for tools that are safe, anti-bacteria, work effectively and they can save my time in doing the housework.

Today, I would like to share my experiences and my knowledge about home and beauty products that help me do my work more easily and bring better consequences to my skin and my hair. The name of the website sounds as if anything I am going to write about was related to silicone, but it is not. Some of the tools I use to improve my facial skin are made from silicone and other beauty products are not.

A Little Story About My Experiences With These Home and Beauty Products

Firstly, I would like to write about the “Home” part experience. A year ago, I accidentally saw a product which immediately caught my attention. That was a pair of silicone dish washing scrubber gloves. I was curious about them, so I did some research to learn about this product and I learned that silicone products have a lot of advantages.

  • Silicone is safe: There are NO reports about silicone kitchen utensils that cause any harmful effects to our health when we use them for cooking and serving meals. They are safe to be used in high temperatures. Therefore, they can certainly be used in a microwave or an oven.
  • It is hygienic and antimicrobial. When we use silicone scrubbers to wash the dishes, the scrubbers are completely cleaned, so they don’t easily carry bacteria. If we use cloth to wash the dishes, the cloth may not be washed thoroughly after we use it and there will be food particles left in the cloth that will improve into bacteria.
  • Silicone is heat resistant. It is very useful for us to handle hot objects.
  • It is excellent electrical insulation. It is very safe for us to use a silicone tool when our hands have to contact with electricity.

I use cooking and cleaning tools that I am very pleased with. Sometimes my cake was a little burned on the edges and the burned parts are stuck to the silicone pan, but it can be washed away more easily than a glass pan. They also take up less room in my kitchen because they can be squeezed when they are piled up in the kitchen cabinets.

I don’t run my dish washer very often, so I use the dish washing scrubber gloves to do the dishes and I find that they are great. They protect my hands from soap, they have the ability to create a lot foams to wash the dishes. When I am done, I just rinse the gloves and they get very clean, so I am not worried that bacteria will develop in them.

If I want to wash my sink, my basin and other objects around my home, then the silicone scrubber gloves are my choice.

When I do the baking, my hands make contact with heat to pull a pan out of a hot oven, so I wear silicone gloves to protect my hands from being burned.

The silicone food storage bags are so great for keeping my food fresh in a longer term.

Next is about my experience with the “Beauty” part. My other awesome experience is my using a silicon facial scrubber machine. It cleans my facial skin deeply, thoroughly and it massages my skin that helps improves the skin appearance every day. Also, it is self-resistent to bacteria, so there is no bacteria development in it, which helps prevent pimples growing on my skin.

Coming from the countryside, I am fond of anything organic or at least natural. I never take a risk to buy a product I haven’t learned about. If you are in favor of more natural, safe and effective skin care, lip care and hair care, you might have found a right place to learn about them. I would be unhappy if I spend money on a purchase that doesn’t work for me.

I will describe them in details in the later posts when I write about each kind of items.

I Enjoy My Home and Beauty Products

Since I have been using some silicone products, I can say that they are wonderful inventions. They are affordable, safe, durable and they work greatly. If you want to try a silicone tool, you cannot go wrong with it.

In the modern life, there are hundreds of amazing silicone products that serve our purposes and they are easy to be found in any markets. Those include jewelry (silicone wedding rings are even shiny), kitchen utensils, cleaning tools, home care tools, exercise equipment, containers, children’s toys (reborn baby dolls are awesome), odor-free footwear, accessories, etc.
With the advancement of technologies, inventors are creating new product updates whose spectacular and special features help us do our jobs more efficiently. The home products in my website doesn’t focus on silicone only, there will be OTHER MATERIALS included.

It always takes me quite a while and after several tries to find a beauty item that I am in love with. Honestly, it took me 7 years to find a kind of shampoo that helps get rid of dandruff but makes my hair smooth and it is naturally made. It took me over 20 years to eventually got a right set of facial skin care that really solves my skin problem. I’m pretty sure a similar process happens to many of you, too. My intention of founding this website is to help my readers save their time in looking for a good home and beauty product.

They Should Be Safe And Work Great 

If we only hear and haven’t tried new things, we might have missed good opportunities. Similarly, if you haven’t tried any silicone goods, it is time to get a tool or equipment that you think you will enjoy because it works well.

It makes sense if we switch to a tool that is affordable, safe, long-lasting and work great. For example, Instead of using a coated metal baking pan that will release poison after it is used for a little while, we can replace it with a silicone pan which is safe for our health.

Home products made out of silicone are also good for little children to use because they are unable to be broken and they are light weighed. In case children drop them, no one will get hurt.

We should stay away from chemicals for beauty, we have had enough of unsafe ingredients in this modern world. People now tend to make non-toxic and natural goods to serve the increasing needs.

Much of the content that I am going to discuss here is going to be centered around the benefits or advantages of home and beauty products and how they work for each of our purposes for using them.

It would be much easier to choose an item that we have already had knowledge about and it helps when we have recommendations of what we should use.

I hope my article provides you with helpful information and thank you for reading it.

If you have any experiences about home and beauty products you want to share, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to communicate with you.
All the best,


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